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What are the benefits of an e-receptionist?

Remitrom e receptionist allows your company to function regardless of where you are. Our e-reception services entail happier employees, increased profits due to cost savings, reduced stress levels among workers, better service during emergencies, access around the clock each day of the week, and great of all the ability to have the service.

The e-receptionist service ensures confidentiality when dealing with personal information, eliminating the risk of someone taking advantage of your company's generosity. Employees can also conduct business more discreetly without being overheard or recorded by anyone who shouldn't have access to that kind of information. Other reasons why you should consider using our e-receptionist service include:

Promotes Cost Saving

A virtual receptionist offers great cost savings over traditional types of employees. While the professional services charge by the hour or by call, our rates are normally lower than those of a full-time employee. The benefits package is also lower, since we are not eligible for unemployment insurance or medical leave. Remitrom electronic receptionists provide customer service around the clock without tiring out the staff who would have been listening to phone calls during those times anyway. This means that companies can answer calls whenever they feel it without losing any sleep over it!

Enhances Flexibility

Our e-receptionist service is great for companies with a lot of out-of-town business. The services are not limited to a particular location, the business phone line can follow employees and employers wherever and provide the same level of attentive service the local customers have been enjoying from an organization. Virtual receptionists also give staff more freedom during emergencies, since there is no need to worry about asking someone to cover the shift or finding a replacement right away. The e-receptionist allows businesses to operate as efficiently as possible even when employees are unable to come to work.

Our virtual receptionist allows employees to have more freedom when working from home during non-business hours. The service allows the staff to spend time with family while still getting some work done! It also means that all customer service needs can be attended to right away, since there is no limit on the number of people answering calls.

Promotes Professionalism

Our training ensures that callers will receive professional yet friendly service each time they contact a company after being trained by professionals who thoroughly understand exactly how a company wants its calls answered; voice-over, IP technology can ensure the same level of service no matter who is operating the phone. Emergency calls can be routed to the relevant department or individual, allowing staff members to focus on their job rather than having them bogged down with calls they are not responsible for. Remitrom, LLC virtual receptionist knows what types of calls are meant for different individuals and will allow them to answer accordingly by forwarding them in most circumstances.

Remitrom offers varying styles and types of kiosks that are secure and designed for commercial tasks. Contact us today for more details.

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