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Remitrom, LLC Has Unique Solutions To Help You Grow Your Business

Remitrom LLC has installed applications throughout the entire United States. The staff has extensive experience creating automated solutions. For the last decade, Remitrom’s main priority has been developing high level market applications. Remitrom is currently focused on developing multi-platform cloud based applications that are able to adapt to market conditions. They have created several innovative solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of their clients. Remitrom strives to make sure that their apps help organizations save money.

eReceptionist Solution

The eReceptionist solution can help you connect with your customers through user-friendly messages and controls. The solutions include personalized welcome formats, visitor badges, and staff notifications. If someone is checking in, you can immediately identify and figure out who they are visiting. You will have access to real time data, which shows when the customer arrives and exits. You will also be able to keep track of your vendors, as well as all receipts and deliveries. Customers are able to connect with your staff whether they are on the road or not. The solution supports text and email notifications.

The eReceptionist feature also provides up-to-the-minute status updates. You will receive a summary of the different elements you are using, which should help you create strategies based on the individual needs of your clients. Remitrom recommends multiple types of kiosks. They are secure and perfect for commercial usage. The Kiosks are compatible with multiple languages: Spanish, French, and English. You can download reports of every question asked at the kiosk, as well as the initial response. You can personalize the surveys and the displays on the welcome screen. This also helps you figure out ways to improve the customer experience.

eFeedback Solution

The eFeedback solution can help you monitor your social media channels and address any negative complaints from your customers. You can manage every aspect of the survey. eFeedback is compatible with a mobile device or website. eFeedback can help you if you want to create more user-friendly surveys.


The eTimeClock can help you keep track of your workforce. Your employees may check out or check in on a mobile device or at their work station. The eTimeClocks allow you to review schedules to see what works. You can adapt as things change. eTimeClocks can help you keep track of absences and analyze employee location data. The tablet based kiosk is user-friendly for your employees. The eTimeClock desktop helps your employees keep track of their work schedules and overtime hours. GPS tracking keeps you informed on where everyone is. The time clock uses stamps and tags to help you verify your employee’s location. The time clock also promotes more transparency in the workplace. Payroll integration is another unique feature. It helps eliminate the extra efforts of entering data into the system. eTimeClocks are compatible with QuickBooks and ADP.

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