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Benefits of E-Feedback For the Hospitality Industry

When you have a business in the hospitality industry, customer feedback is essential to improving and keeping your service. Restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, assisted living centers, bars, theaters, stadiums, shopping centers, theme parks, and other venues often send out surveys or have kiosks where customers can provide information or rate their services.

Often, customers do not have the opportunity to give feedback on your services and, if they are not satisfied, feel ignored and unhappy. e-Feedback allows you to create a personalized survey using your logo and products for your business. It has thank you messages that can be put on your website page and the surveys managed from your management portal.

Importance of Customer Survey In the Hospitality Industry

A customer survey can tell you what you need to improve on and what you are doing right. It gives you information on how to please your customers and what they want or need. Often, successful businesses fill a need that customers want and are not offered anywhere else. You may find that there is another service you can provide to customers that will increase your market share.

Finding out what is working and what is not working will help you make changes for your customers. Customer feedback will help you improve your products and services, and you can measure their response more effectively with a survey. Customers will appreciate that you value their opinion, and it will help you create a pleasant experience for them. Surveys help you keep your customers and attract new ones that you may have overlooked. It gives you information to make better business decisions.

A survey can help you find distinct types of customers and learn how to market to their needs. Some of the groups you may serve in the hospitality industry are millennials, families, singles, couples, and seniors. A survey can provide you with new markets and customers. Overall, e-Feedback helps you to find out what products and services are working, find solutions to what is not working, get notified about negative responses, use positive feedback on social media, and check changes over time.

More About e-Feedback

Our software allows you to manage your survey online and design custom surveys for your hospitality business. It can generate reports on all questions asked and categorize them by the number of topics. It can be accessed online or from one of our kiosks. Reports can be sent to your marketing and advertising team. Surveys can be accessed by mobile phones, your website, or email. Wo offers several kiosk options in distinctive styles that are designed for commercial use. They can be used at conventions, restaurants, hotel lobbies and other places where customer feedback is needed. We support several languages, and you can design surveys to meet your customer needs.

This program, e-Feedback, is a product of Eform Solutions, by Remitron and offers several kiosk styles to set up in your business for customers. Call us for a demonstration by filling out our online form or calling 1-850-893-1888. We can discuss online solutions and kiosks for your business needs.

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