Health Care using feedback survey system with kiosk

Describe the type of survey you want. Do you want tp use emojis or thumbs up or down. Determine the questions you would like to ask and select the type of answer you request, multiple choice, yes / no or text. In addition take advantage of eFeedback's AI to select question, based on answers to previous questions.

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eFeedback provides real-time updates, reports and graphs, and e-mail or Sms notificationsif a negative response is entered.

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Let eFeedback gather information from you patients that will help you run your practice. Here are some suggested questions you might ask.

How easy was it to make an appointment?

  • Very easy

  • OK

  • Difficult

Were you seen in a timely manner?

  • Yes

  • No

How responsive have we been to your questions and concerns?

  • Very responsive

  • Usually responsive

  • Not responsive

Were the fees clearly explained before treatment?

  • Yes

  • No

Overall, how would you rate your experience?

  • Excellent

  • Very Good

  • Average

  • Not Good