eReception For Visitoes, Vendors, Employees and Deliveries

The workflow, including screen sequence, prompts for actions associated with each prompt. These parameters may be modified as required. An example is provided below.

Initial Welcome Screen
The Welcome screen may be personalized  with your Logo and Welcome Message.
Enter Name
The visitor starts checking in by entering their name on the touch screen keyboard.
How May We Help You? (Optional)
The visitor selects from a list you define in the System Parameters.
Select Team Member
eCheckIn will display contacts if the selected reason for their visit is linked to specific individuals
Take Picture (Optional)
o display the person's picture on their ID badge. eCheckIn will take their picture using the iPad camera.

Print Visitor Badge (Optional)
A preview of the badge will be displayed prior to printing. Changes may be made to the information before printing.

Employee Sign In

Employees may sign in on the Kiosk, or, if allowed, from their workstation or mobile device. eCheckIn logs the device used to Check In and Check Out, including, the device used to check in and the approximate location of the device. If you wish eCheckin will automatically check out an employees after a designated amount of time, if they forget to check out.

Employee Sign-In
Employees can sign in on the eCheckIn Kiosk using their employees Number. or another number assigned by management. Password may also be implemented, if desired.

Remote Sign In
Employees may also sign in on their phone, or from their workstation at the office or at home. reception captures the geographic location of the transaction.

Data Capture
When an employee signs in or out, eCheckIn cultures the machine address and IP address of their device, as well as the type of device and approximate gerographical location.of their 

Summary and detailed reports are available by employee, department or for the entire organization. Information may also be exported to Microsoft Excel or other third party applications.

Delivery Sign In

eCheckin will log all package deliveries including the carrier, package identification and whom the package is to be delivered to. Depending on your requirements the package may be left for the individual to pick up, or the delivery person may be allowed to deliver it directly to the individual. In any case there person receiving the package will be notifier\ed that they have a package by e-mail or text.

Entry of Delivery Recipient
When the recipients name is entered, an email will be sent to inform them they have a delivery.

Entry of Delivery Recipient
When the recipients name is entered, an email will be sent to inform them they have a delivery.

Status Queus

eCheckIn provides an up-to-the minute real-time status queue. The overview will provide a summary of all the elements you are using.You may then drill down to the individual queue for reference to to update the status of an individual item.