govt agencey using feedback survey system with kiosk



Resolve issues. Boost positive reviews.

Address poor experiences before it’s too late and leverage your fans by routing them to the review sites or endpoints of your choice.eFeedback allows you to create questions based on response to previous question.


Close The Gap Between Perception and Reality

Whilst you might be exceeding expectations for some segments, you could be below par for others. Check KPIs for each customer segment and understand how to delight everyone.


Identify Under-Performing Areas

Easily compare results from all locations or departments to understand who’s performing well. Use insights from high-performing areas to help you address weaker areas. Encourage team members to promote responses to gauge their own or their areas performance.


Inform Investment Decisions

Don’t guess where to spend money, use results from eFeedback to decide which products, services or facilities need investment to improve customer experience. Over time, identifying trends becomes clear.


Personalize your eFeedback site
  • Your eFeedback site is personalized for your organization.

  • Messages and response formats are defined by you.

  • Responses are immediately available.

  • Include incentive coupons or gift cards.

  • Collect valuable user information.

The right question at the right time.

  • Choose Smiley Faces or Star Rating

  • Touching icon initiates the response.

  • Additional response info may be added.

  • Response and user info is recorded.

  • Optionally include Privacy Statement.

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Online Management


Manage all aspects of your survey with online access.Get real-time results, print reports and graphs, update application parameters online.

Link to Your Feedback Site

  • Include Link on regular e-mail or on specialized mailings.

  • Easily append Widget to any electronic document.

  • QR Code takes user directly to your eFeedback site.

  • Response prompts may be distinct for online access.


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Again, mobile and tablet formats follow the same general design as the On-Site and Full screen responses.


Reporting and Analysis

Create reports by location or time slot, or additional criteria you wish to add.
Reports may be printed, converted to Adobe PDF or exported to Microsoft Excel. 

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Health Care


Get a dose of healthy patient feedback and show you care.

eFeedback allows you to identify areas of the patients experience that need attention.

eFeedback permits you to collect patients feedback anonymously with fully compliant security systems

Credit Unions & Banks


Let your customers / members direct your efforts to improve service.

eFeedback generates more responses than email and other offerings.

eFeedback gives you the opportunity to response to negative responses quickly.


Government Agencies


Let client feedback direct your efforts to improve your service.

Let your feedback help you to prioritize programs where they will do the most good.

eFeedback provides point-of-contact results which are more reliable that e-mail surveys.



You work hard to give your customers a good experience. how do they feel?

Getting honest feedback, and responding quickly to negative responses on eliminates poor ratings on review sites.

eFeedback allows yo to post your results on Social media.

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hotel Check In

Hotels & Inns


Your guests can help you know where you can improve and what your doing well.

All guests have different preferences, by getting a good volume of responses you can calculate a consensus.

eFeedback helps you evaluate your establishment with regard to the competition.



Let your customer chime In on how well your selling it.

eFeedback helps you identify your target market and how to focus on it.

There is always room for  improve-ment, let you customers help you to identify where to improve.

Happy Managers