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Customer Feedback
A Digital Customer Satisfaction Survey

In a prior business, I was always concerned how our customers were reacting to our products and services. Email surveys were not returning significant responses to allow me to make informed decisions on how I might improve my customers' experiences. Also these surveys were time consuming and expensive.


Recently, I discovered a very credible study that showed only 4% of unhappy customer experiences are uncovered by e-mail surveys!


So, 96% of unhappy customer experiences remain undiscovered and ignored! 


We developed eFeedback to help close that gap. With more reliable and honest responses eFeedback can allow you to:

Find out what is working well and clone it.

Find out what is not working and fix it.

Get notified immediately any negative responses .

Publish positive responses on social media.

Monitor changes in responses over time.

Why is an on-site survey kiosk the most effective?

  • On-site surveys are non-intrusive.

  • They provide in-the-moment responses.

  • On-site produces better response rates.

  • On-site is very easy to implement.

eFeedback features and functions:

  • Personalize with your information and logo.

  • On-Line real-time reports and analytics.

  • Unlimited customer responses.

  • Create your own Welcome and Thank You messages.

  • Specify up to 8 questions and answer formats.

  • Response history retained for 3 months.

What will eFeedback do for you?

eFeedback can adapt to any type of organization, and to your personal requirements.

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Personalize Your Survey

eFeedback allows you to personalize your survey with your information and logo. You can also change the image that displays on the Welcome Screen, the Welcome Messages, and two Thank You Messages which display based on the initial Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down response.

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Access Real-Time Results OnLine

eFeedback provides real-time summary of your responses accesible online from your browser

Display Detailed Responses

Display detailed reports of the responses to each question asked including date, time, location of Kiosk, or from the online option, language used, and initial response (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down).

Financial Report

Kiosk Options

Remitrom offers several different types and styles of Kiosks.
Each are secure, metal construction designed for commercial duty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the surveys?  eFeedback allows starts the survey by selecting a "Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down icon to rate their overall satisfaction. You can then create up to 8 questions, with answer formats, to help you gain more information about your customer and your costomers experience.

How long should my survey be?  Generally, you’ll get a good completion rate from a survey with under 8 questions. However, it depends on what you’d like to learn from the survey.

Can we brand the survey kiosks? Yes. Your eFeedback app will include your Logo and other information about you organization. You can choose to create branded promotional placards and social media posts to highlight your positive responses.

Do we need a Wi-Fi connection for the survey kiosks?  As well as Wi-Fi, we can also supply and Ethernet Adapter to link your device directly to your network.

How do I access the results?  All your reports and analytics systems are available online so you can access wherever you are, from your desktop or mobile devices.

Do you support different languages?  Yes. Currently we support English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. If you need additional languages we can design the surveys for you.