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eReception Counter Kiosk -  $25 / month.

Includes an Apple iPad and stand like the one pictured above.

The stand is of heavy metal construction, and can 180 degrees.

eReception for Customers, Members and Patients. 




Employee Sign In

Employees may sign in on the Kiosk, or, if allowed, from their workstation or mobile device. eReception logs the device used to Sign In and Sign Out, including the device used to check in and the approximate location of the device. If you wish eReception will automatically check out employees after a designated amount of time, if they forget to Sign Out.


eReception can log all package deliveries including the carrier, package identification and whom the package is to be delivered to. Depending on your requirements the package may be left for the individual to pick up, or the delivery person may be allowed to deliver it directly to the individual. In any case the person receiving the package will be notifieried that they have a package by e-mail or text.


Status Queus

eCheckIn provides an up-to-the minute real-time status queue. The overview will provide a summary of all the elements you are using.You may then drill down to the individual queue for reference to to update the status of an individual item.

Frequently Asked Questions

For In-House eReception, can we use our own hardware? Yes. You are welcome to purchase your hardware any where you like.

Can the Queue be display on a TV screen? Yes. You can use a smart TV with a browser, or we can provide an inexpensive "stick" computer to connect to your TV's HDMI input.

How do I manage my account? Login to your account using the password you setup initially. Click the “Settings” button at the top of the screen. You will be able to update information about your account.

How do I update my contacts? In the Settings menu, select "Contacts". You may enter their department, e-mail and/or mobile phone, if they wish to receive SMS messages. You may also designate an alternate contact, if they are not available.

Is support included? Absolutely. We offer free unlimited support (even during your free trial) to answer any questions you have.

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*Subscription Fee is billed annually. UPS Ground shipping charges apply.


We offer a 90 day money back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied.


We provide unlimited online and telephone support with a US based technician to assist you in setup and issue resolution at no additional charge.


The Apple iPad comes with a 1 year warranty.